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Frequently Ask Questions

Your Kleenmaid 5 year warranty commences from the date of your invoice or receipt. Kleenmaid appliances have carried a 5 year warranty for all appliances purchased after 1st January 2019. Prior to that date the warranty was 3 years.

  • Proof of purchase being an invoice or receipt.
  • The model and serial number of your appliance.
  • Your name, address contact phone number and email address.

Click on the “Request a warranty service call here” button on this page or email all the required information to

One of Kleenmaid’s Warranty Service Agents who are trained and experience will be assigned to your service call.

Once we have all the required information we will contact you to ascertain that your call is under warranty. If deemed a valid warranty call the Kleenmaid support team will assign a local service agent to your call. An email confirming who will attend to your job will be sent to you and the assigned serviceman. He will then contact you to make a time to do your job.

If the problem with your appliance is related to the manufacturing fault there will be no charge. If the problem is not a manufacturing fault but is due to mishandling of the product, incorrect installation or user error the service agent will ask you to pay for the service. If payment is not made Kleenmaid will invoice you for the cost. No future warranty support can be  actioned if there are any outstanding payments. This information will be explained to you by a member of the Kleenmaid support team prior to your job being assigned to a service agent.